Life with a dog; day 63

i walked into the back room of Clockwork to fetch an item for a customer, and stepped on Jane’s paw. She so ferociously attacked my ankle that if I hadn’t been wearing two thick layers of canvas where her teeth were, I’d surely need stitches. Not a great scenario for someone who doesn’t have health insurance.



The he customer was super freaked out and asking me if I was okay. Thankfully because of my converse and jeans, I was able to force a nervous smile and then tell Jane to go lay down.

If that had been one of my children who accidentally stepped on her, this dog would have already been euthanized by animal control. I’m trying to do the right thing. She’s honestly such a loving and playful dog, but she’s also dangerous when scared.

Life with a dog; day 61

Jane deserves  a good home. Every time she has bitten, you can see in hindsight how it happened. Nothing unprovoked or unpreventable, simply the reactions of a scared dog who hasn’t been given the stability and care she needs.

These are all things I could work through, but her inability to not bite the cats as they pass her is a deal breaker. I can’t live with that.

the look of ultimate suffering
the look of ultimate suffering

I posted her on craigslist to get more visibility and will reach more eyeballs. Gosh, I feel bad, but I’m not the right situation for this dog’s well-being.

Life with a dog; day 58

I had just started to delete the hundreds of pictures from my phone, think about what to do with my blog, and settle into the idea that I was not meant for a dog when I got the call; Jane bit someone. Jane bit several someones. They explained the reasons were unpredictable and unprovoked.

She was so happy to see me, she was physically shaking. She not only remembered me, but all the commands I taught her (like that she has to wait until I enter a building and wait for me to tell her to come in).

How am I going to adopt out a miniature schnauzer who looks like a total and complete tool?


They admitted they didn’t discipline her and then were taken aback by her bad behavior. *sigh*


If they had given me this haircut, I would have bitten them too. Dog looks like an asshole.

Life with a dog; day 57

The decision was made to rehome Jane Pawsten before I admitted it to myself. Confining her to the kitchen for the safety of the cats made for a miserable dog.

The end of a chapter
The end of a chapter

We posted her afew places and found a lovely young couple who had dogs in Brazil, but found themselves in Los Angeles, poochless. They have no plans to get a cat or have kids anytime soon.

It seems like Jane will be able to be herself in this home.


Life with a dog, day 41

Jane Pawsten has continued to fall into line in our house by the day. She now recognizes she is not the pack leader, but that I am in charge of where we walk, when we walk, and when she is to listen to my commands. However, this has created a new problem. As a dog who was leader of her pack of one for over 3 years, she now seeks to find a pack to be leader of… enter, the cats.

She leaves the cat alone that outweighs her. Smart dog.
She leaves the cat alone that outweighs her. Smart dog.

While a majority of our cats largely ignore and/ or smack all attempts at bossing them around, she has started to nip at them as they pass by, or even chasing them from behind. Last night she had to be muzzled and this morning, she went after one cat so badly, he harmed himself in order to get away and was backed into a corner.

I fear Jane may be more suited for a family without cats.